IA Challenge 2023 17The Romanian Blouse presented to MPs in Parliament
On the 21st of June, right after Prime Minister Question time, UK-Romania Group supported by APPG for Romania, the Romanian Embassy in London and Romani in UK hosted in parliament a drop-in event dedicated to the celebration of the Romanian Blouse.

Reimagining Romania 1”Reimagining Romania: what have we been getting wrong?”

On the 21st of March in the Palace of Westminster Romania took stage with a barnstorming unprecedented event: ”Reimagining Romania: what have we been getting wrong?”. 

Brandon LewisInterview with The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis, Home Office Minister of State for Security and Deputy for EU Exit and No Deal Preparation
- Minister thank you for accepting an invitation for addressing the Romanians living in the UK through Roman in UK.
- My pleasure.

Caroline NokesCaroline Nokes, the Immigration Minister: We are absolutely committed to make it as easy as possible for romanians to stay in the UK
- The scenario of a No Deal Brexit is causing distress amongst the Romanian migrants living in the UK. Should Romanians living in the UK be worried for their future in the UK in case of a No Deal Brexit?

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